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APS Urban Assault Rifle - upgradeable?

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Hey guys just looking for 

A) Any appraisals on the urban assault rifle (preferably from owners)



B) Whether anyone knows how upgradeable they are?

Patrol base says some of the internals are fully TM-compatible which is encouraging but I wondered if there are any caveats such as an unusual hop unit etc. 


I ask because a friend is getting into airsoft and it's one of those guns I've always wanted but never owned, and looks like a great starter gun given how user-friendly it's designed to be. I'd only recommend that he gets it though if it has the potential for upgrades (I'm assuming it would need upgrading to perform at a similar level to high end AEGs such as Krytacs or Evos) - I say this because we all know after you get your first AEG, you immediately want more out of it! 

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old v1 had battery up front stick type like AK or MP5k's used


v2 about 3 or 4 years ago changed them to rear wired guns

but space for Lipo isn't immense


about a 400mm barrel QD v3 box based on AK stuff

loose trigger pull system, v3's have a bit more play anyway as two piece trigger

but with the trigger extension to way up front to create bull pup it is an even longer pull/play


review of lots of stuff:




think motor is a bit lame and I think the trigger switch might have prongs than need bridging

my UAR - only use it for spring testing tbh seems to have a bit iffy trigger pull cycle on semi

which I suspect is perhaps these prongs not getting bridged by selector plate like certain M4's have

cycles fine on auto, just now n then it struggles/stalls on semi


so I need to investigate maybe bridge the prongs that I suspect are there and fit a mosfet

(or bridge the prongs with robust solder/wire/bridge to eliminate iffy contacts....


if you are not sure what Imean something like this is a common problem on certain guns


Image result for airsoft bridge trigger switch


ps that is a G36c polarstar conversion pic but the prong issue is what I mean

a thing bridge would be fine for low amps like a mosfet/polarstar switch

but if using reg contacts no mosfet there would be LOADS of amps and arcing so bridge would blow asap

(like a 3 amp fuse blowing on a 13 amp kettle)

so any mod of these switch prongs needs to be much thicker for non mosfet guns


Mags - take slightly bespoke M4 mags, other mags will need a mod to gun's magwell

can't really use big long mags as the magwell itself isn't very deep or supportive

no not in mental health issues support, but there isn't much material on magwell walls

a big jumbo 450 rnd mag wobbles a lot and prone to falling out is what I mean


best stick to smaller mags up to say 170~200 UAR mags or then titchy vietnam 170 high caps

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