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Marushin M1 Garand problems

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Hi all,
I'm having problems with my Marushin M1 Garand. First problem is with the receiver slide jamming. It is supposed to run under a rail on the left side, but very frequently pops out and jams on a protruding bit of metal. This video shows the exact problem I'm having.
Second, the 8mm bb's often get jammed in the barrel right as they go in. This is my second M1 Marushin, had the same problem in 2006. I am using the bb's that came with the gun, not sure if they are bad quality? They look fine. I am using Abbey Predator ultra gas. 
Any help will be most welcome!



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Only just seen this sorry Rhys , I got my hands on a broken m1 some months ago with the same sort of issue . These things shake them self apart and im thinking your catch is lose ( lock the bolt back and the grey part that locks your mag in place )should not be lose if it gets to lose jamming happens . 


BB's getting stuck turn hop off fully and try and see if there is any damage 


They arnt meant to run abby and things will fall apart fast , There is a WW2 airsoft page on facebook and a chap on there called Dom I think is a whiz with these rifles ( I only got mine for a living history prop ) 

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