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Flecktarn/Tropentarn Webbing - Testing the Water

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Mods - Please be aware, this isn't a classified ad. I'm testing the water to see if it's worth listing the kit I have in the classified section.


Hi all,


I've got a heap of genuine Bundeswehr (mostly Heim) Flecktarn and Tropentarn pouches, holsters, webbing belts, carrying system pads and yokes. (Easily enough for 3 sets of each).

(Photo for reference - I have a lot more than just those bits...)

The Flecktarn stuff is pretty easy to find, but the Tropentarn is like hens teeth these days.


Is anybody here interested in any of that kind of thing? I will get some classified ads listed if I get enough interest.


Cheers all,






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Hey rob, think you've answered your own question, yep the tropentarn stuff is rarer than rocking horse shit, so worth posting up, where or how much for I don't know, it's rarity means there not that many users out there, so I'd say hit up the various forums & (as much as I hate to say it), the Facebook groups too, cast your net wide enough your sure to get bites.

alternatively, list them singularly on eBay, the "sum of parts" value should be higher.

good luck

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Hi guys,


I've posted the Flecktarn bits on the classified ads. 

All being well I'll post the Tropentarn bits tomorrow. 


All the best,



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