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New feature: Recommend a Tech & Appraisals

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Important stuff in bold.


We've implemented a couple of new subforums. One which has been on the books for a long time and another that's just been requested. Both are present on a trial basis and so will be subject to a vote later down the line as to whether we keep them. Please read any stickies in either of the new sub-forums to avoid breaking their rules. Thanks.


The Recommend a Tech subforum is a place to find and review local teching services

The new 'Recommend a Tech' subforum will act similarly to the Places to Buy subforum as it'll serve as a place for customers to review teching services and share the location of ones that others might not know about yet. Again in a similar vein to the Places to Buy subforum, it'll let businesses or techs post replies to prospective and past clients as well (if they're brave enough). Additionally, you may use this subforum to request that other members recommend you a tech if you can't find one nearby that's suitable to your needs.


The Forum Feedback thread to discuss the new Recommend a Tech subforum is located here.


The Appraisals subforum is where you can get other members to price your guns and gear

The new 'Appraisals' subforum is relatively self-explanatory as it will serve as as a place for members to post a brief description of their guns or gear to have them priced up so that they're hopefully not under or overpricing it when they take it to be advertised on the Classifieds portion of AF-UK. The Appraisals subforum is formatted specially for questions and answers to keep discussion down to a minimum (and instead focus on providing a response to the original poster). A link to the Appraisals subforum will also be placed in the pop-up when selling an item in the Classifieds. In this section you may also 'upvote' and 'downvote' replies anonymously. The original poster may also select a 'best answer'.


The Forum Feedback thread to discuss the new Appraisals subforum is located here.


As usual, feel free to post below asking any questions.

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5 minutes ago, proffrink said:

In this section you may also 'upvote' and 'downvote' replies anonymously. 


Something tells me that's something that will be abused a lot. :lol:


More jokingly than anything I'd imagine. 

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