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Tech used by Team Green / Gunman Airsoft (Suffolk)

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Name - Roman Czaczkowski

Location - Bury St Edmunds (Suffolk)

Games Sites - Tuddenham (Team Green Airsoft / Gunman Airsoft)

Contact - I have his number but may be best to try via the game days at Tuddenham first



Tech ive used a few times as has my brother and his mate, for stuff we have needed doing but not had the time to do. 

Always keeps you updated and goes through what he will do etc.

Good to chat to about upgrades as well


ASG AR15 -  downgrade spring as was firing over 370 after competition win  :rolleyes:

G33F - spring upgrade after other place did same but still lower than 300!

DMR re-locking to Semi - Previous place had glued on a bit of plastic, that basically came off, this time he machined a grove to fix into so wont slide

Fixed gas mags



ok i know some of you can do the above in your sleep but its easier to give to someone who has the time, space and tools to do it :)




As this is the first topic - this is subject to change and moderation



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