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Rules and guidance on posting in 'Recommend a Tech'

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This is a new subforum and as such its rules are subject to frequent change.


This subforum is being trialled. It may be deleted at a later date.


Creating a thread here

  • This subforum is for techs to advertise their services and for customers to be recommended local techs
  • You may create as many threads as you like
  • You may not create a duplicate thread or a thread about a tech who already has a thread on here (instead post in the thread that already exists)
  • Put the name of the person/company that does the teching in the title of your thread (this will allow others to find it later)


Special considerations

  • If you are a tech you may post in your own thread but be reasonable
    • We encourage open interaction with your potential customers, but you may also want to consider want to private message them
    • Please do not use this space for leveraging advertising too much (though posting your promotions is fine, just don't take this too far)
  • If you are a customer of a tech you are encouraged to post your feedback/review of a tech in their applicable thread (feel free to create one if one does not already exist)
    • You are also welcome to discuss grievances openly in this thread with a tech, but you may also want to consider private messaging them
  • Moderators will not mediate disputes that you may have with a tech - do not ask them to do so

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