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Wolverine Bluetooth FCU Questions

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Hi guys,

I'm having trouble researching my options for an upcoming build.

The plan is to build AN94 Abakan with a functioning 2 round hyperburst, or at least a modernised AK with this feature possibly using a CM.077 as a base.

The build will be based around a wolverine gen2 Inferno and in order to keep things simple i was going to set up the existing selector as safe / semi / Burst-auto, so the question is can you program the bluetooth FCU to fire 2 shots at one rate of fire (1800 rpm or as close to it as the gun will run) with each trigger pull and then chugg along at another rate of fire (700 rpm) if you keep the trigger depressed after the initial burst? 

I saw the app featured a command interface for advanced clarting about and wondered if anyone had any experience using this?

Failing that id have to build a custom FCU using an arduino and i'd like to avoid that if there was a better option.     

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