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Fixing an old CA AUG

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I've owned a Classic Army Steyr AUG for almost 10 years now. It never worked properly and was eventually used as a prop gun in a amateur film. It needs alot of work to get back into working order. alot of parts are broken.. i wonder if it would be better to just buy a new one completely? Do parts from other branded AUG's interchange from barrels bodies and what not?

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It depends on what it needs.

The easy parts are internals, Gearbox, Wires, mags, hops, Butt plates  are  all super easy to get. Just about every major stockist will have those parts.

Bodies and uppers are a little harder to find. You may have to buy from china or the USA, If that is the case a donor gun is normally better value.

The impossible bits are:

Magwell plates, Gearbox plates, Body and safety pins and sprung bars, Mechanical trigger parts (phyisical trigger, upper plate, connecting bar, And the mechanical part of the gearbox trigger) Gearbox contacts and dollies are easy to get. If you are missing those bits or they have issues then it's either going to have to be a donor gun, or just go get a new AUG.

So it's a bit of a mixed bag as to what is available and what isn't.

I'd need to see a picture of the gun, the broken parts and the good bits.

For reference a JG AUG A1 from Poland retails for about £90-100 + shipping. So it's pointless throwing money at the classic army model to make a good gun when a new gun can be had for so cheap and the externals and internals will be near as damned it identical.


3 hours ago, Karinexmachina said:

Do parts from other branded AUG's interchange from barrels bodies and what not?

The answer to that is almost universally yes, JG, CA, APS and TM guns all use the exact same bodies, gearboxes, hops and connecting systems. The only variance is some slight differences in the trigger internals on the semi auto dendent, JG, CA, TM using a ball and socket, to APS using a spring bar and notch to register the semi stop position.

Like I say get me some pictures, and a list of issues and I'll tell you where to go with it.

In addition to the external problems, I need to see the gearbox.

Split the gun in the middle with the body pin (magazine out).

Remove the rubber butt plate.

Remove the 2 screws on the plastic plate and put them somewhere very safe.

Loosen the lower bolt in the body (nearest the armpit when shooting).

Turn the body over and gently work the gearbox out. It'll take a fair bit of teasing to get it to fully drop out, Don't force it, Don't pull the wires.


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