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SE Tour Review: Apocalypse Airsoft (Kent)

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Hello all. 


The battlebuddy and I took our South East tour to Apocalypse in Sittingbourne, Kent a few months ago. 


We had heard mixed reviews on the site, mostly poor marshaling but good site. 


It was a woodland site with CQB and long range elements. Short/Medium and Long range engagement distances. The site is pretty much flat apart from one end which has a mostly unused undulation. 




Fantastic structures: Clearly the best part of the site is the structures. A lot of thought and effort has been put into them. Dressed up as a Vietnam village and arena. Very sturdy and well built with genuine two or three story structures. The buildings are not just limited to the village area.


The fort and trench section is incredible. 


Vehicles: They tried to unsuccessfully incorporate vehicles into the game. Unfortunately it's clutch went, but at least the attempt was made. I believe they have brought in a better purposed jeep since we played. 


Safe zone: Outdoors, but well sheltered considering. COAT HOOKS. Food was reasonable. A real toilet. 


Marshaling: Overall Marshaling was good once in game. They were on top of what was going on and sanctioned people. 


Clientele: Player base appeared to be fairly mature. Most people took their hits well. Friendly and appears to have a good section of regulars.  




Marshall/Owner sales pitch: The owner of the site runs the UKASA scheme, an alternative to UKARA. Whilst in theory it is a better system, it just not widely used. We were all brought together in the safe zone for what we thought was a brief for the next mission, but turned out to be an extended sales pitch for UKASA which ate up 30 minutes of playing time. The owner can do what he likes with his site, but I was very unimpressed with this behavior. Some of the claims made for UKASA were somewhat dubious.  


Game turnaround: Safety briefing took quite some time, the turn around between battles was very long and drawn out. Include the UKASA sales pitch and we were incredibly bored and frustrated by the time we got out on the field. 


Shop: I actually found a couple of things I would have liked to buy at the shop. But it didn't have a particularly varied selection quality or quantity wise. Loved the fact they had proper velcro arm bands you could buy (Which i did) but not great otherwise. Needs to expand. 


Chrono/Engagement distances: Though this might be a personal issue. I did get hit very hard in the head from someone on a sniper tower I was assaulting whilst underneath. Normally not a problem, but it came very tight and under 5 metres distance. Usually I shake this off, but I am still scarred a few months on. I suspected the rifle was running hot. The Marshals to their credit did show concern as they saw it happen and told the guy to not full auto at such close distance. However I would have liked for them to have re-chronoed the guys gun as I was bleeding profusely. 


Parking: Nature of the site, but bring a 4X4 if you can. There is a long muddy climb up to the safe zone. There is some limited parking for non 4X4's at the bottom of the hill but you need to get their early to grab a space and you need to slog up the hill with all of your gear. 




I do recommend this site for someone to visit at least once. Some basic steps need to made to make this a genuinely good site. The actual play area is one of the best. You wont find a more authentic village/CQB section in the South East.


Reduce the turn around time, improve the shop, remove the UKASA sales pitch, inform people of parking issues beforehand and this will be a must visit!

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