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Airfest - 27-29 July

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Are any any of you going to Airfest this year?




NPF have been running Paintfest for many years, and brought in Airfest last year.  This year it will be much larger


Ive been running free mini events under Paintfest, and this year we have Battle Royale III in the Kill House. It’s Paintball based, but low capacity up close CQB and the many of weapons we place don’t shoot - such as the foam frying pan


It comes with the opportunity to pick up a braggable medallion, and one ultimate survivor gets their reward on stage at the Saturday party.

My presentation speech last year has gone down in history, and thankfully does not appear to be on video 


You need no equipment other than full face eye protection to Paintball standards 


Come round and say Hi.  I’ll be in the Kill House Friday and Saturday, but we’ll have our check in desk next door to Enola Gaye and when I’m not running sessions I’ll be there & chilling around the trade area




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