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APS ASR110B EBB stock spec questions and advice needed please!

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Hello All!,


I need a little advice about MOSFETS and Wiring to do with a stock APS ASR110B. 

I will be purchasing a brand new APS ASR110B in a week or so. I am looking for a little advice on it  if anyone owns or knows of this AEG?, Im looking for information on the wiring and compatibility , some sites say that it has a pre-wired MOSFET with low resistance silver cored wire and is 'Lipo Ready' 😂 and also recommends a 11.1v Lipo straight away. I am not so sure these are accurate statements and am opting to install a programmable MOSFET to allow Pre-cocking and such as it will be a trigger response DMR build under 400fps locked to semi fire only for my local site's rules. Does anyone know if it does indeed have a stock mosfet ? and if it does not  would I have to completely re-wire with silver cored wire to a new MOSFET to match the factory wires ? or just add the MOSFET with normal wire ? any compatibility issues with different wire types ?. 

Thank's in advance for any tips or help anyone gives me! 


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Unless the mosfet is a drop in unit, there isn’t one in that picture. Depending on the mosfet you get will depend what you need. If your going for something posh like a Gate Titan, everything you need is included.


If it’s a basic mosfet, just with pre cocking, you could get away with just putting it into the wiring I think.


@Sitting Duck You know more than me. Your advice is better!

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Look so simple when you look at the diagram, until you take apart the gearbox.😅

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Thankyou for you're advice Prisce, and im probably going to go for something cheap and cheerful like a JeffTron Extreme Processor, Programmable with loads of different options which is nice to have just in case haha. I just really dont want to mess up a brand new gearbox by making a silly mistake with different quality/material/resistance wires. but thankyou for your advice! 

MisterG I agree (haha that rhymes) , but gearbox's are not that bad really, just have to keep an eye on that bloody anti reversal latch! haha

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You got the quick change spring gearbox - walk in the park


well sort of, bit like riding a bike with stabilisers on to be fair

as the mother learning curve is the main spring making stuff explode

or everything threatening to explode once more as you attempt to close up box

(try a m160 spring on a dsg - now THAT is fun getting the thing closed up)


So pop spring, open box re-do the wiring - likely just reuse the existing wiring,

BOTH wires on 1 contact & add 1 thin signal wire from trigger back to mosfet on other point,

close box, then fit spring etc....

(piece of cake and easiest method)


Use a couple of tiny earth magnets under AR latch to hold in position 

( props to @Samurai )

the trigger though can be a tricky SOB if it threatens to jump out

(non ferrous so can't use magnets :( - can and drop of glue on spring to trigger's tang)


You end up developing your own technique on closing up a box - watch a few vids

but honestly - that quick change spring is like having stabilisers on your first bike still

(well perhaps not quite, but makes your first box a LOT easier)


take your time, watch for shims, keep them all in place what went where...

Take pics on your fone if not 100% sure what goes where etc... - nowt wrong with that

take ya time & you'll be fine etc....


PS look at some of the Gate Nano mosfets, you can buy/fit a Nano ASR say

then upgrade to Warfet or something at a later point

bit bulky but plug in deans/connector leaves you a couple of upgrade options


Weigh up if you really need to fit a mosfet just yet

if keeping gun mostly stock and not going 11.1v then on 7.4v ~ 9.6v there is no great urgency for mosfet

just plop on deans for your gun/battery if you want


wait until you are gonna go nutz before ripping her open

or if you seek to start pushing the gun more


Just a lot of people steam in and make stuff worse before they start to make it better

When opening box, you probably be wise to correct AoE, check compression etc...

plus a clean/re-grease up etc....

There are other things to consider at same time, but a few checks should be done

like I mentioned, so plan for a bit of servicing at same time - nothing major though


PS - can't fit 13:1 gears in there I think with a little modding

If I was gonna go nutz I'd likely swap out a few bits like at least 50% bushings

but tbh - unless you are going to go nutz I'd likely use it until it needs servicing/fixing


If it ain't broke - don't try to fix it as the saying goes


If you are going down the DMR route you will need a programmable mosfet

or mod the selector plate to semi only - no auto fire

to set auto to single shot only as DMR's need to locked to semi only


Personally think it is not best basis for a DMR perhaps but that is just my take

M14 or SR25 are popular models but to each their own

many people think they will make/use a DMR, but maybe just use it as a reg 350 AEG

Still up to you I guess, it's your money/gun do what you like


Wiring is fine as explained, can likely convert it say with a Warfet I think

but don't quote me as not got one myself, but think you set it up that way

(need to check what mosfets can be reprogrammed for single shot only)

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Thankyou SittingDuck, Your advice is really appreciated and i love all the tips and tricks, will definitely be using them in the future!,  I will take your advice and just install a 9.6v lipo for now until it brakes or needs servicing, so then I will have an excuse to open the gearbox and fiddle haha. The only reason i thought of buying and using this AEG as a DMR is because of the great stock internals and upgrade parts availability, plus its a great looking piece of kit and is already just on the FPS limit for DMR's at my local which is a plus! and the AEG is £150 shipped so leaves me breathing room for mods, accessories. I have a budget of around £200 for a nice rifle, are there any in particular brand wise  you would recommend for that price that would suit the DMR role better? as you said SR25, M14's, Galals etc..   Cheers again! 

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