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Model: H&K MK23 SOCOM

as requested by the united states special operations command


Manufacturer: Tokyo marui


FPS: I am getting smack on 300 with kickass gas and about 20 degrees also, 5 mags on kickass before a reload? yes please!


Hop-up : Adjustable, the slide must be removed to set it, it does seem to be affected slightly by the addition of the imcluded suppressor


Magazines: 1 28 rounds


Battery: use gas :P


Metal/Plastic: Marui, so basically entirely plastic externals, the suppressor is all metal and looks awesomee tough.


Optics: Standard pistol sights, I had problems locating the front one with the suppressor attatched, but a dot of white paint has seen that problem off


Appearances - It looks just like a MK23, it is based on the prototype model rather than the full military version. the LAM unit included is almost entirely for show, it is virtually useless as a torch, there is a seam line running down the middle of the gun, but I don't really mind, you don't notice it unless you are looking for it and I bought it for the practicality of the pistol rather than what it is modelled off.

There are SOME trades, which are done rather nicely, but TM have put some of their own things on it too.

the whole gun is finished in a matte black plastic. The suppresor is finished in a much blacker black and is considerably more glossy, although not quite enough to give you away in a firefight.


Comments: WOW. I held off on a review with this untill I had played a few games and I am frankly astonished by the performance of it. I knew it was good but this is by far the best pistol I have ever shot. it is really lightweight, but balances well with the mag in.

the range and accuracy out of the box is astonishing, I could happily hit a man with .2's at 35m 8/10 times on the first shot, not that missing him would matter, with the suppressor on he couldn't tell you were shooting at him other than BB's landing on his feet, and even if you can hear the gun, you ahve a hard time detecting the exact loction of shots.

The unsuppressed gun is fine, but sounds much 'crackier' than the 'thud' of the suppressed version. (incidently, I feel the SOCOM 'thud' is the best sound on the airsoft field)

the trigger is both single and double action, with the single action achievable either by racking the slide, manually pulling the hammer back or by carefully squeezing the trigger untill a click is heard at which point the trigger is primed to go off with a 5mm squeeze. personally I always go for single action on my first shot if I can, the reduced trigger pull makes for much more accurate shooting.


Most players when asked 'when do you use your pistol?' would answer with 'when my AEG runs out of juice' or 'when i run out of rifle ammo in a firefight' but I have found myself answering with 'when you would use your rifle..... and I'll bet I can outshoot you with it' with this to fall back on (or use just to be cocky) you WANT to run out of ammo and you find yourself charging a position with your M16 on your back and a massive pistol in your hands, hitting targets even some AEG's wouldn't bother trying for. It makes you a much more tactical player with only 28 rounds before a reload, you don't put more than 5 rounds at a single target before one of you is hit (I have found more often than not, it is the other bloke)



Conclusion: Yeah, it's big, but it is by far the most skirmishable pistol I have used. It is ideal as a sniper's backup as it is so quiet, ideal as an assaulters backup as it is so good for charging around with and ideal for the 'sneakers' as it is so much smaller than an AEG, so much quieter and you still feel like you can do some serious damage to their team.

It IS a non-blowback, which will put some people off, but because of that It is incredibly efficient, accurate and quiet.

It does have a large outlay to purchase (I paid £170ish for mine plus a spare mag), but it is worth every penny

It is so much more than a backup weapon, it is like carrying a spare primary


size comparison with me using it (3cm shorter than a P90)




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I was going to review my HFC MK23 Socom separately but as it is a clone of the TM its probably easier to do it here as a lot of the info in Daves post applies.


The HFC MK23 is a 2 tone gun but is also available as the ASG MK23 which is black. The 2 tone is a metalic blue finish to the slide which isn't painted on and looks just like blue anodised metal.

The differences between the TM and this gun are that it doesn't come with the LAM unit but more importantly the silencer is not just for show on this one. It actually has an inner barrel through the silencer making it a barrel extension. I believe the hop up is fixed in this version but I could be wrong but I haven't found a way to adjust it (haven't needed to tbh).

The HFC Mk23 Socom costs around £50 and the ASG MK23 Socom is usually slightly more (£60ish)


It is difficult to find a holster to fit this gun and it is great for making Desert Eagle owners feel inadequate. It is worth noting that with the barrel extension, the inner barrel is longer in this pistol than on my MP5. It is a very accurate gun and very quiet. With 28 rounds per magazine (same mags as the TM) it is a viable option to ditch your AEG and just use this pistol in a CQB environment and it is a lot of fun to do that.


The main drawback of this weapon is the size, it is hard to find a holster that fits and if you do find one, it will take up a lot of space on your gear.

As a backup weapon for a sniper it would be hard to beat due to it's accuracy and quietness.

At this price, I would say that everyone should just get one, it's just an epic gun.

I am actually sorely tempted to get a 2nd one, if theres one gun that would be worth doing a dual wield pistol setup, this is it, especially at this price.


It would be interesting to see if the silencer would fit on the TM and what the result would be?


As the link for size comparison in Dave's post doesn't work, if you place this gun alongside an MP5 with the triggers aligned, the tip of the silencer is a few mm's short of the end of the big flash hider on the MP5.

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