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G&D DTW Won't work straight out the box

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Hi Guys,
my new G&D DTW M4 arrived from HKG not 20 mins ago - I loaded the magazine, popped a fully charged lipo in the back (11.1). Using the bolt release etc like on a real steel or gbb, and nothing. It doesn't cycle or fire brand new out the box. I open it up, tried holding the bolt release in both positions but nothing. What I do get is a constant red led, not flashing. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Bearing in mind this is my first ever training weapon style AEG. all help or advice would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks.

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It's been a while since I had a training weapon so I can't exactly remember the state of the LED during normal use. Flashing means there's a problem, but I think the constant LED is normal. The bolt release switch is pretty spongey so it might be worth, with the upper removed, pressing it down fully using a screwdriver then try puling the trigger. Also I recall you sometimes have to put it on safe then fire again after swapping batteries.


I owned a DTW, a CTW and a PTW and they were all garbage, but sadly the DTW was extra garbage. Shame, as they sold M16A2's out of the box like all good manufacturers should do!


Hope this helps until someone with a TW to hand can chime in!

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