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WE G36C NPAS Adjustment

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Hi all,


Any pointers on how to adjust the NPAS on the WE G36C?

I've not taken it to bits yet, but it'd be nice to know for when I get it chrono'd.





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The NPAS will come with a tool to adjust it- it looks like a all allen key, probably silver if they're still the same as when I got mine.


Lock back the bolt and put the open end of the key through the hole in the forward end of the loading nozzle and twist it, one way is FPS up, one way is FPS down (i forget which is which).

Edit: If you look through the bottom of the loading nozzle you'll the see the floating valve as you adjust it, obviously the bigger opening to the front the more FPS. You may need to stick something in from the bottom to hold it in place to make adjusting the power easier so the whole unit doesn't spin

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