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Upgrading Ares Amoeba AM-014

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I've had my Badger for a few months now and I love it, it quickly moved its way up the podium and became my favourite AEG and I'm looking to push it further...


I'm looking at upgrading, although not for performance reasons, from what I have seen the badger does well as stock for everything I throw at it, I'd like to make her quieter, and I am hoping for some ideas... I have been through the general suggestions of shims, motors and a sorbo pad, even toyed with the idea of a foam suppressor to make the sound a little deeper, if anyone can add anything more I'd be very grateful? 


The other thing is, having little experience upgrading I'm unsure of what to buy or how much I'm looking at spending for the change, also how much of a sound difference would I be looking at? Although there's videos of AEGs that have had sound modifiers, there little to none of the Ares honey badger, since I'm assuming it's polymer body would muffle internal sounds much better than a metal shell, any info would be much appreciated! Thanks guys! 




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If you have Facebook check out the amoeba group, excellent group of people that know their stuff! 



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Cheers dude! I'll check it out! 

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