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Ares WA2000 Upgrades!

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TL:DR is a 45 degree sear ok for M150 spring (500FPS)? Also name me a good bucking?

So I have recently acquired an ARES WA2000 and while a lovely looking rifle its performance is a bit on the lacking side.

Its FPS is about 380FPs on .20g BBs and whilst i know that FPS isnt the end all and be all i would like to up this to most of my sites max FPSs.

As for range i cannot tell what its like but looking at the crap bucking put in their by ARES its probably going to be pants at best, i plane to change this anyways.

So for those that dont know i have done so of my own research into this gun and found the following was compatible with VSR parts:
Inner barrel measured to be 500mm in length, needs to be a bridged window barrel.
Hop up bucking
Cylinder head
Piston Spring
Spring guide

Now i must point out that the trigger is a 45degree trigger, i read in various forums that the 45 degree trigger cannot be exchanged for a 90 degree one so i am stuck with 45 degree and it looks like the Ares one is made of the usual airosft pot metal zinc diecast material when i took it apart the last time.

So my plan is to buy a full upgrade set Cylinder head, Cylinder, Piston, Piston Spring, M150 Spring and Spring guide. I am hoping the 45 degree sear can be swapped with a TM compatible steel one for great reliability but will it be ok for an M150 spring? Also what would you recommend as a good bucking, i have heard Maple leaf being thrown around amongst other brands.

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Did you ever end up doing any of your mods? I managed to get a 1st Gen with all the trades but i’m not sure about the m150 spring myself. I was going to get a wasp piston set for it as well as everything else you mentioned but not sure on the sear strength.

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Oh Hi


I totally forgot i posted this up haha.


So the hop up chamber had to stay the same as its is unique to the Ares WA2000.

As for the other parts i upgrade them with the following items:


Hop up bucking - I tried both a PDI (https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/pdi-vsr-10-hop-up-rubber-w-hold-type) and LayLax (https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/laylaxnineball-hop-rubber-for-marui-vsrl96-and-marui-pistols-purple) one. After some testing i think the PDI one was better but marginally.


The Cylinder head, Cylinder, Piston and Spring guide I got was from this set https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/pdi-precision-palsonite-cylinder-set-hd-for-marui-vsr-10 I must say very well machined and precision made.


The Spring i used was this: https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/pdi-520fps-spring-for-marui-vsr-10-13mm-outer-diameter though i grinded it shorter to bring it down under 500fps on .20g BBs


As for sears, i had to keep the trigger mechanism the same as its propriety, i would have preferred a 90 (or zero) degree trigger but that's just not possible in this rifle. I had to keep it 45 degree trigger sear and so upgradded the sear to a steel hardened, which was this one: https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/pdi-vsr-10--l96-piston-sear-2nd-sear


I took it out to skirmish once to test it only, to be honest i didn't get very good test results as it was windy, the light was poor and was forced to use bio BBs and it was hard to see there trajectory, i also noticed that the BB loading tube is a very bad design as the plunger i think scratches the BBs which of course means that they dont fly properly. For now i have put this project rifle to bed and plan to probably get or make a 3d printed plunger so that the BBs dont get too scratched up. I also plan on using the Novritch .40BBs some day as they are a) better quality that the Bio BBs i was using and since they are white, should be easy to see on a decent day.

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