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Basic Question! (?) - Battery Charger

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Hi All,


Got a new LIPO charger recently from a guy on FB. And i'm a little unclear on how to use it (basic i know!).


This is the one;



Says it does 1-3 cells. It charged up my 3S 11.1v no problem. When i went to try my 2S 7.4v (due to some feeding issues), my Krytac gave the low battery warning so they hadnt seemed to charge.


the manual says to plug it in and make sure + and - are correct. So i plugged in the 2S to mirror where the red cable connects from my 3S. And the manual says lights for 1 cell and 2 cell come on. But i have lights for cell 2 and cell 3 on. Indicating im connected wrong. I dont want to just shift the plug along as i dont know the repercussions of connecting it wrong in the charger...





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7.4v LiPo charging



(they got the pics for 3.7v & 7.4v back to front but you get the idea)

Still say you should have got a B6 type - much faster mofo charger

but these B3 type are (almost) idiot proof and charges through balance lead (slower)

So these B3 types just work without deans/tamiya/xt60 or whatever adapters on B6 etc...

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psssst - threw me also, most have 2 cell & 3 cell outlet on B3 chargers

a small WTF entered my head too - so we both learned something too

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