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Hello! Just joined, live in Devon, looking for advice starting.

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Any hesitations I had about the Raider are dispelled by the Raider 2.0


I don't know if it's borderline OCD but I hate it when you have a foresight that can't be flipped down/removed. I know the rearsight is but the foresight isn't, and I'm not a fan of ironsights as a whole.


But the Raider 2.0 has flip down fore and rearsights! Obvs loads more but still.


At work whenever we fit any kind of optics we remove the foresight, just gets in the way! Our old SUSATs have integrated ironsights for backup and our ACOGs have an integrated battlesight (Red dot) for backup. So ideal! Raider 2.0 it is!

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It's the little things. ;)


You can always buy some aftermarket parts and change things up if you ever feel the need to. I went from using flip ups to a fixed sight, but can change them out in a minute. 

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1 minute ago, jcheeseright said:

Honestly, you won’t notice the foresight when shooting with a red dot or similar, you should be looking at your target not at the dot :-) 


Haha I know, I'm just saying what we do on real rifles, I'm sure airsoft is a lot more forgiving than the real thing 😉

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