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T&D Airsoft parts Faulty Stay Away

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Having spent the last 2 weeks on rectifying problems due to this Manufacturers parts being made incorrectly, lots of headaches, swearing etc.. I thought I would give you the heads up on this. Pistons both metal teeth and Polymer, have been made incorrectly. The teeth are too shallow in both these pistons and although they may work on initial fitting, they soon fail(within hours of use) metal ones end up with distorted teeth and the polymer ones strip teeth. Also M4 alloy nozzles are actually 2mm too short, therefore don't reach the hop. I bought a load of these in from our supplier and I am about to send everything back. having spoken to our suppliers. They have received a number of complaints. These parts are available on Ebay by various suppliers around the country, some have not yet realised that their is a problem. I doubt that they would unwittingly sell them, but would hate anyone to have the 2 weeks that I have had.

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