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Guest scalawag

Another ball bearing airgun incident.

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Guest scalawag
1 hour ago, Rogerborg said:


What's stopping them?  They did prevent it in 2006, by banning the sale of RIFs without a defence for airsoft use.  They then amended that in 2007 to give a defence.


Granted, things change, but they'd have to admit that they were wrong then in order to push us off the ledge again.

Unfortunately nothing is stopping them as far as I can see, they just need an excuse, as changing their minds about something never seems to really phase politicians in my experience.  They would not ever admit making a bad decision about anything, they would just blame someone else like they always do and forge ahead with the new agenda.

I suspect once some wanna be big shot stumbles across this as "an issue" that could help further their political career, or someone thinks there may be more votes to be won than lost they will be on it like a shot (no pun intended lol).  


Articles in the news like this one, and the previous example of a similar incident from a few weeks back, just make it far more likely the someone will pick up on it by drawing attention to "guns are dangerous!!!" again.  



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