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Cheap Hop Unit Tracer

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There are videos on it online so I'll keep it short.


You'll need:

3x leds (3mm water clear ultra bright blue)

3x 100Ohm resistors-optional

Cable and connectors

Old/cheap hop unit

Tracer bb's

Heat shrink

Some basic tools


How to:

Fit Your hop unit to decide on how to use available space. I fitted mine on the opposite to side of where bolt plate is.

Drill 3mm holes in space between hop chamber and feeding tube neck-this is very cruicial for Your gun to work.

Now test fit leds if they are flat headed just test drop a single bb down the feeding tube and glue leds in. I clipped my diodes, buffed them with a dremel and glued them in.

Solder them together in parallel(+to+,-to-),optionally put 100ohm resistor in front of each one. Wire to power source- I used £1 torch guts (3x1.2v AAA in a battery box running at 2.8V, leds operate at about 3V so I skipped the resistor part.


Alternative way of powering:

Wire leds in line(+to-,+to-...), solder 150ohm in front and plug to Your gun battery(if You run more that 9.6V as this will burn up over 9.9V.



+Cheap (I spent £15)

+Doesnt affect gun's operation

+See where Your bb's are going at night

+Looks cool

+Use to lure and distract enemy


-Enemy can trace You back 

-If always on can be spotted if directly looked at (hint of blue down the barrel)

-Need to buy tracer bb's


Things to consider:

I used plastic SHS hop- it glows when leds are on and lets light "escape"

Pressure switch or wiring it to trigger/mosfet would make it less of a Tactical Traitor and more of a Tactical Tracer as it would be on only when needed.


Appologies to all for whom this tutorial is not sufficient enough-my phone died when posting first time and I just couldn't be bothered to write an exhausing essay on dropping current, resistance, soldering and all that...









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