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Will a PUNISHER style compensator fit on an Army Armourments R30 1911A1 MEU? (Pictures included)

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Quick question. I have a GBB pistol arriving from a Black Friday promotion and would like to know if anyone might happen to know if the following aftermarket piece might fit.

The first picture is what's coming detail wise. The picture is for your referance, not ordered from the picture site and of course in two-tone.

The second picture is the 'Punisher' style addition. I understand WE 1911s are worse than testicle dandruff and the best is of course TM, but I can't come close to a TM. AA are the cheaper alternative and are fine for the money. I'm told that the TM parts should, mostly, fit the Army Armourements 1911s, with a few exceptions, so, yes. That's my question. Best guest, fit or no fit?

I already own this particular gun, Springfield custom, with Pacmyer grips, as a replica, so I know her inside and out. Tip to tip she's like my left testicle, so when a GGB version popped up, I hit the review sites, the YouTube vids, and managed to get this far.


Thanks as always guys and girls. I appreciate your help and your patience. I can't afford the best makes like you guys but do appreciate what I can afford. I probably make you guys wince when I say the makes of airsoft I can afford. Lol.


Oh!!! Any info on aftermarket pieces that ARE comparable, please just say!





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I had an R27 1911 and did get one to fit but it's extremely tight and won't quite line up with the slide

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Ok, thanks. It looks like it would be a chance thing. Going to keep my fingers crossed that some here will have some info on aftermarket parts, etc, for my R30. 


Thanks again



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