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Mp5 talk...

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Looking at buying an mp5 specifically the icsmx series, I like the swordfish style top rails and have 2 questions.. 1 does it even fit?.. 2 where are these available...





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Swordfish! you mean like this:


Mines a G&G MP5 A5, had to do some modding to keep the cocking handle functional but it just fitted on top.

Got mine from Evike.com so it had to be shipped from the US, came with a bright orange front end but that came off easily when i left the front end dipped in nitromors over night.



Though i am sure if you googled a bit you would find one in HK, heck maybe even cheaper.


Just a point though for some people its like marmite, some love it like me, others hate it.


Also it adds a bit of weight.

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