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Anti fog advice

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Use search tool and all will be revealed!!!


Sorry there are loads of topics on here about it and as I’m on mobile I can’t paste links


there is no concrete answer either as some methods work for one person and other methods for others


i use Abbey anti fog spray, fan goggles and all foam removed and I get the drizzle affect more than fog

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Just played an outdoor day in rain and about 3'C. Didn't get a single fogging issue.


I have the Revision Desert Locust goggles (NO FAN), and use the revision anti-fog wipes. Only issue I get is sweat running down my goggles, I have kept the foam in the goggles too. 

I was also wearing a shemag over my face, so I was creating a lot of warm air.

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Game on sat was very cold!, windy at times which helps, i had the fan version on and switched to medium, with foam removed on this pair and nothing major happened, just a mark i needed to wipe off that i think was from the day before applying the stuff or a smudge!....

i definitely prefer those days with googles on than the warmer ones, less issues!....


at lunch, i wiped my lens with a clean cloth to remove some moisture....that caused a few dribble issues so i'll know not to do that again!! :lol:

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