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VFC VR16 Batteries, Chargers and High Caps

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Looking for some information on batteries and chargers etc...


I’m new to airsoft, 4 games in and I’ve just got a VFC VR16 and looking to get a new battery for it and a charger. Does anyone have any recommendations to get. Totally clueless when it comes to this! It’s wited to deans.


Also, what high cap magazines would you recommend for it?


Any help is great!


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Put simply get the battery with a connector that matches your gun. If it's Deans get a Deans battery.


Buy a Lipo battery, because that's the right thing to do :D Small, powerful, yada yada... get one with 1100mAh or greater that is small enough to fit in your gun. I easily fit a 1300mAh in my VFC Avalon QRS stock and an 1100 lasts me all day without charge or change.


Get an iMax B6 charger as it will charge Lipo's and Nimh's. You may need to get a banana to Deans charging cable. ebay for pennies.


I'd recommend QRS mid-caps :P

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^+1 on the IMAX B6AC. 


Batteries from hobbyking or component shop, I'd stick to 7.4v lipos( I don't know if your gun has a MOSFET hence not recommending the 11.1v)

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