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Looking for a decent starter to mid range airsoft aeg.

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I'm looking for a decent quality gun that will last a while, planning on going into bigger games, with my friends. Maybe some CBQ's, but outdoors as well, for sure. I'm wondering what brands/ aeg guns I should get, and what to stay away from. Is Tokio Marui a good brand, or do they have flaws? Was thinking of buying a Styer AUG, but I'm not experienced enough in the field. What does everyone think?

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Have a search of the forums, this question has been answered a hell of a lot. 


Tms are are great guns stock, my brother and I both have NGRS TMs and they are superb. However they do cost a lot of money, and if your just starting out l wouldn't drop that much just incase the hobby isn't for you!


I, and quite a lot of others, recommend something like the G&G Cm16 raider as a first gun, it's cheap, easy to use and customise, holds its value well as its cheap to begin with, and works really well. 


Like I say, use the search function, search for first gun and read the hundreds of threads on what people say!

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or instead of G&G move up to ICS, ive many of them and had no issues and with the quick change upper gearbox you can change your spring easily if site limits differ etc etc and also from AEG to AEG ;) .....


ive also an ASG SIR AR15 which is nice, not sure on RRP as i wont it!, id say around the £200 or less mark?


if you can visit a store, id recommend that as i went to firesupport looking for one thing and came out with something different!

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