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Umarex Glock will made by KWA/KSC

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So I was on the phone to FireSupport earlier and he said they were waiting on delivery of these and that there'd be Glocks 17 and 26. Opinions?

Personally I'm pleased as I've had fairly good experiences with KWA GBBs and am very pleased with my Umarex/KWA HK45.  

I did however have a KSC G23F that gave me endless problems with light striking straight out of the box which had to be returned to the shop, that said it was the nicest feeling airsoft Glock I've yet handled, with a satisfying heft to it and a lovely slide action.




I have just been in in person and another guy behind the counter was telling another customer that they'd be VFC made! Then he said in reply to my query that maybe Umarax would use both VFC and KWA!

I'm no the wiser than I ever was it seems.


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