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Hi guys


I’m looking to fit a mosfet to my Nuprol gun before running Lipos but i’m not having much luck on uk websites.


can anyone help? Would ideally be mini tamiya plug and play.



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If you're running lipos then move to Deans connectors. A Mosfet will generally need the signal wires soldering to the trigger switch.

Gate Nano is a good, basic Mosfet. Or check out http://sparklabs.si/mosfets/


I've no personal experience with these, but they seem well regarded and the basic model is tiny enough to install pretty much anywhere.

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or free ship on ebay:





or free ship on ebay - think it is an older version of asr - the SSR:




Bullseye are sound retailers, ordered bits n bobs from them before and no probs

Patrolbase are also sound but factor in shipping costs



it is NOT a mosfet and does NOT protect your contacts etc... as it is plug n play gimmick stuff

(fine if you like gimmicks but it is not a mosfet)

(people say it can be used alongside a basic 3034 but that is two modules - there is a Kong burst wizard instead but tbh nahhhhhhh)


Alternatively the sparklabs one as it looks good, but is so new nobody has tried one yet that I know of


There are also Jefftron mosfets around also from Poland but not tried these

(I'd say Gate are one of the best off the shelf atm and easy to source)


Or if you can solder (which you need to be able to do to fit a mosfet/deans etc....)

Then you can build your own 3034 diy mosfet for under a fiver

(can actually build it for under £3 if buying the few bits in bulk)



ensure you buy PROPER genuine 3034's from RSWWW or Farnell etc....

buying cheap 3034's from fleabay China seller will result in you getting fake 3034's that blow very quickly

the genuine IRL3034 mosfet is a tank of a mosfet if done properly/neatly (if you can be ar$ed)

make a few up at a time is best advice for upcoming builds

Or just buy a £10 to £20 Gate mosfet off the shelf for a one off build


Pico is tiny & slim, from a good company - guess it depends on where or what room you have to play with

Other Gate's with deans means you could fit a basic SSR/ASR and remove/upgrade to a bells/whistles Warfet if you wanted

easy to remove/replace on the deans connector & mini plug but a bit larger than the pico


Most install problems is either down to sloppy install - bad messy wiring and/or poor insulation = shorts

Plan your wiring carefully, take your time, ensure everything is insulated, practice clean soldering = walk in the park

(that is easy to say now but my first one or two were not my best pieces of work I'll admit)

watch some vids on youtube will help for soldering tips & other stuff

Oh and use decent soldering iron/solder/flux maybe blah blah blah


If you have a v2 gearbox that is NOT re-enforced at the rear (G&G, VFC and some others...)

If you walk on water and are an absolute legend then you can perform this amazing install...

NB: not my work, this guy is a real clever mofo that I bow to his genius ingenuity....




I tried it once and it was insanely difficult to squeeze it all in

not sure if guy used a TVS diode (advised to fit one)

might have used a smd one right up top left but hard to tell

but it was a damn headache to do and I needed to angle it more, use glue/hot-glue to keep it there

(sod that, I'm sad & like a challenge but also know my limits of what I can be ar$ed with)


If you have a v3 gearbox then very likely you can fit a mosfet without needing to open up the gearbox


whooooaaaaaa - went off on one yet again - my bad

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Even with the reinforced gearboxes, 10mins with a Dremel makes enough space to stash a micro Mosfet.



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12 hours ago, Samurai said:

You don't need mosfet for a 2 cell lipo. You are better off without it.


Hmmmm - perhaps not needed for modest builds

But if your box has a microswitch then I'd say yes you do need one

OP has Nuprol Delta which is a QD spring with microswitch

The ASG range has a mosfet pre-installed (probably not ultra robust but installed all the same)

(if the main groundwork is done, then even if weak one blows you can replace it without rewire/opening)


I fit them to most - usually coz I rewire & fit them with thicker wire + deans etc....

think the only one I use that doesn't have one is the Top Tech FH - still untouched

(but probably only shot 25k through it I'd say)



11 hours ago, Hangtight said:

Even with the reinforced gearboxes, 10mins with a Dremel makes enough space to stash a micro Mosfet.






Is that a Cyma v2 you just went nutz on ???

You are supposed to swiss cheese the piston - swissing the box doesn't help with PME

clever though, front wired is that box ???

So pos up front & down grip, neg at the rear to fet + signal wire running behind motor spindle,

then neg motor wire from fet to grip/motor maybe ???


Is that how the wiring runs ???

yup could work, is that you pistol M4 dsg with no room up front

battery at side of mag so no room for a mosfet ???

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Trying to remember which gun that is! I reckon that's a Guarder V2, so it's in a rear  wired M4. That would have had a Firestorm, so positive direct from battery to motor, then a thin signal wire from the motor positive to the trigger. Thin signal wire from the trigger back to the Mosfet, then the switched negative Mosfet to battery and Mosfet to motor.

I glue the unit Mosfet side down to the gearbox shell to get some heat sink.

The pistol is front wired and has the Mosfet tucked into the top of the ready mag that holds the battery. Again, another Firestorm. Shame he seems to have gone. Those were a bargain. Think I've got four in various builds and they've never let me down.

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5 hours ago, Hangtight said:

Trying to remember which gun that is! I reckon that's a Guarder V2...


Looked like a Cyma coz it has a slot where spring guide goes - possible v3 = cyma

(unless Guarder use v3 spring guides too)

Also the main receiver pin hole is tapered - slightly countersunk like the higher end cyma boxes used in P&J's

Or the £50 cyma box+motors:


(cheapo cm515 use a slightly different v2 box unpainted)


see the two red bits....




Plus the external screw on the safety arm that needs to be removed prior to open box...




(I really need to get out more I think)

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Could be. It was in something I bought and was supposed to be a Guarder, but either way, it seems good quality and hasn't broken!

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