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120bbs shot in once.. in the face?? i want it!!

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I have an older model of the M203, and also a Soviet AK type.


To be honest they have very little practicality.

I have made more use of them for just making noise for fun.

To be of any use you need multiple shells and they are all single shot unless you carry a bottle of green gas, or CO2 to recharge them.


If the game has some relevance to the shells such as simulating blowing up an object, destroying a vehicle etc then there is some form of use.  But depending on the shell you just have a small single shot shotgun style blast


40mm launchers have been used in the US to fire the Nerf type of rockets - and have had a rule with regard to special vehicles or objects, but they still have little power as you’re blowing green gas/co2 into a foam shell to blow it out of the barrel. You’d get better performance throwing it


My M203 is the long barrel type similar to the video which could launch a nerf, There is also a short barrel type that can’t launch a nerf and my AK launcher is also short so couldn’t launch a nerf


 Without a specific use they are a heavy piece of metal hanging off your barrel and a drain of £


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Nerf alternatives are available designed specifically for 40mm nade launchers. These weigh around 20 grams and are a little softer than the nerf pocket howler. Available in all good classified sections.



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They weigh a tonne, dont really do anything, the shells cost a fortune and will leak. 


But man they look cool. And great for clearing a hallway :P

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