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G&G AEG TR15 firing weak strength BB's

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Hi guys, I'm perplexed as to why my G&G TR15 Raider-Long is firing weak strength .25g BB's on semi-auto - they literally make it about 2 metres from my barrel end and drop. When this happens, I remove the mid-cap mag, fire the rifle on full auto, stick the mag back in and it fires fine on semi-auto for a time. It's almost as if running/ movement between me firing single shots causes something to occur. The rifle has had no upgrades and shoots fine most of the time, the barrel is cleaned before and after every game. I don't want to take the rifle apart without first knowing what the potential cause(s) could be - any suggestions or advice? Thanks.

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First guess is that the hopup moves. Maybe it's missing its spring that pushes it against the GB.

Second is the hopup rubber's lip has problems.

Third, piston head.


How do you clean the barrel? Avoid silicone. Also, it's not needed to clean it often. Once or twice a year is enough.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I've investigated and found

1. Hop-up looks OK I think - although when I took the Hop-up out the rifle, the small blue piece (at bottom of first picture) dropped out - is this normal?

2. Blue rubber seal at end of barrel looks fine

3. Piston head looks fine

4. I found a loose (red) wire when checking the battery connection - the rifle fires when I connect a battery and pull the trigger but I'm don't know if the loose wire should be reattached (the red wire comes from a small circuit board (MOSSFET?)







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If the gun is firing with that wire unattached then there is some sort of witchcraft at work! That's the positive lead from the battery, and the small pack it's pulled out from is the fuse holder.

The small blue lump is the nub. That should be located between the underside of the hop arm and the top of the hop rubber, over the top of the window in the barrel. That is what pushes the mound on the hop rubber through the window to contact the BB and give it back spin. You may need to disassemble the hop up to get that back in place.

When removing the barrel and hop rubber from the hop up, always wind the hop adjustment right off. Then hold the assembly upside down and if you're really lucky the nub stays where it should be.

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Empty the gun.

Turn upside down

Dry fire

If nozzle does stop in random places, not same spot after each cycle You'll probably find a problem with anti reversal latch.

My TR16 acted like Yours anti reversal lach spring was dead.

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