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Advice on full head protection

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Hi, I'm Nora, just getting into Airsoft and wondered if anyone had some good idea's for full head protection?





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Hi Nora , welcome, head (& face) protection can be a very personal thing, part of which is dependent on playing style etc, ie are you a sniper or support gunner, the former often needs to look down a scope, which most full face masks restrict, the latter means you can often be a bit more casual with aiming style, more firing from a semi aim.

if your an assaulter, more running & gunning then you need to consider heat generation & probable misting depending on what eye pro is in use.

give us a bit more info on your style & requirements, hopefully, we can point you in the right direction.


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When I was under 18 I used a Dye paintball mask with a backwards cap which offered full head protection.


Nowadays I use a fast helmet with a pair of ESS ICE but for close quarters I swap them out for goggles and a half face mask. Everything is covered except the cheeks and ears, although I'm looking into cutting some mesh and modifying the mask for greater protection.


edit: @EDcase: I think the 'mantis' style masks look hilarious. I've never personally worn one but I'd assume they work just fine. Mesh too, so no fogging.

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