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TM P226 E2 Build Advice for RS Training

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Heya, I recently got a TM P226 E2 and have changed quite a few parts but still would like to improve it further so looking for a little advice. This is what I have currently done:



  • Guarder Enhanced Recoil/Hammer Spring (150%)
  • Guarder Metal Slide & Frame for E2 (with marking)
  • Guarder Steel Outer Barrel
  • Guarder Front Sight Clip
  • Nineball Dyna Piston Head
  • NineBall 6.03mm Inner Barrel
  • UAC Aluminium Blowback Housing (on it's way from ehobbyasia, using stock TM one atmo)
  • Guarder Dummy Fire Pin (also on it's way)
  • NineBall Gas Router
  • Nineball High Output Valve NEO
  • Not really relevant to the purpose of the build, but I also have some Hogue rubber grips on the way


After a lot of tuning and experimenting I am still finding a few cycling issues in the later stage of the mag. I am using black gas only (Guarder/Nuprol).

I suspect this is largely due to the Guarder hammer/recoil springs as without the recoil spring there are no issues, can't really tell if the hammer spring is making a difference however.


For the hammer spring I was looking at replacing the Guarder one with either the Nineball one, or the RCC one (probably the 130%).

For the recoil spring I have had trouble finding anywhere that has any other recoil springs in stock aside from Guarder, but would think that something between 100% and 150% would probably be about right


Has anyone had experience with other springs vs the Guarder ones?


I will mainly be using this gun for RS training, so as close to the real one as possible is necessary. Ie strong trigger/hammer action, decent slide resistance when racking, weight and accuracy.

Finding the right balance has been a little tricky, open to suggestions for other parts I might need, but from my understanding stuff like rocket valve, loading muzzle etc wont help with the criteria I have set.


Also I am thinking of changing the magazine inlet valves as one of my mags stock valve is a bit leaky (valve itself, not the mag base etc), have had a look at the Nineball Marui mag valves and they look pretty good, anyone used them before vs stock valves?


Any thoughts, suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated!


Edit: Another quick question, anyone tried the KJW CO2 mags in a TM P226 before? Do they work? Only info I can find is one youtuber who put a normal KJW mag in a TM P226 and the mag catch wasn't holding it properly. Thinking that might be fixed with a little sanding of the mag catch groove on the magazine maybe?

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Hi, are you still looking for info on this build?

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