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Need honest advice on buying M4A1 for future purchase.

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20171024_163458.thumb.jpg.a1f1b985e3f2c34c47b966690fb65c8d.jpg20171101_200456.thumb.jpg.e1e397c878f2579f69e8c4d8e5998f3c.jpg20171031_154159.thumb.jpg.2d72f0de9a7ab209598143d54b25f824.jpg20171031_155445.thumb.jpg.c3be27536800eab532ea09c76212c385.jpgGood evening guys,

My question is probably one that's been asked so many times before that the advice/suggestions will be well known and have total experience behind them.

I have had help from several long time members on here on various things and it's been beyond invaluable. That's why I'm asking something so massively critical for me, money wise, as I can trust what I'm told.

My question:

What make/company best fits my wish list below please. Only you guys with your hands on knowledge and experience can point me to a decent example.

- Metal, not plastic.

- Absolutely MUST be the airsoft equivalent of a Mr Potatoe head. Customisation on almost everything from stock to tip of a screw-on suppressor must be widely available. Options for making her custom to me has to be the main thing. I don't want to have to put what little money I have into buying a charge handle and then find it doesn't fit. You know what I'm asking. The ability to change the butt stock, magazine, grips and handles, sights, etc.

- Electric, not gas, if it can be avoided.

- The platform I'd like to focus on is an M4/M4A1 platform but am happy to look at similar others if you advise.

- Reliable. Trusted. A KNOWN QUANTITY!
That is why your advice is invaluable in this. You will know the good from the FUGLY future of ownership.

- HAS TO BE UK BASED. I can't order from outside the country as I don't have a defence /exception.

- Now. The number one thing that will effect EVERYTHING. Money. Dosh. Cash.
Without my going into specifics of how unwell I am, I'll be as honest and open as I feel I can be. I don't have hundreds to spend on her, otherwise I'd know where to go and which to get. H&K, G&G, COLT. I'm looking at you!
I'm ill. Not a cold/flu ill or a 'get better in a few weeks ill. It's long term sickness and affects alot of what I do day to day. For this and one or two linked illness factors, my income is such that whatever I choose to look at in the future, it almost certainly won't be what you yourselves would spend on a proper top of the range gun. I can window shop all I like but going above, say £130 MAX just isn't going to happen. More chance of me launching my tubby arse into space!

I know it's a bombshell and I wouldn't blame you if you figured it isn't worth your time to suggest, but I promise that I will listen and look at what you suggest. I'm not a time waster.

I currently have a CYMA M4A1 (CM506) airsoft rifle. It's actually my first M4 and my second non-hand gun airsoft gun. I've changed out what I can on her for metal parts but I've basically reached the point where she's the best she can be. No metal body, upper and lower receiver, so she's still the stock plastic. Her charging handle broke so it was an easy excuse to bring that into a decent metal her. Sadly, whilst everything is the same fitting wise, she is too wide to operate. She just doesn't pull outwards, but hey, no biggie.

I hope you can help and suggest where I should view.

Thank you


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At that budget, for a decent metal body then you're looking second hand. It sounds as if you're more focused on externals than internals, so something like A G&P would function solidly and have the feel you're after.

It doesn't matter what gun you buy, everything can be changed, but it might not fit without some alteration, because Airsoft...

The issue is your lack of defence. A vendor is only going to be able to sell you a two tone weapon, which is at odds with your goals.

Plan B is to transplant everything you already have onto a metal receiver set.

But please be mindful of the fact that you have manufactured an RIF without a valid defense. There are threads available that explore the legal situation.

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Hi Tabi, firstly well done for wanting to overcome your health issues, or at least not allow them to beat you in to submission, my situation has been similar for a few years now so I do "get it".

Secondly, why the all metal "holy grail" ?, without knowing your health issues, I'll make a broad assumption that carrying extra weight, whether its rifs or associated full plate carriers etc, at likely to have a detrimental effect on you & your gameplay ?.

i own a plethora of guns, but my "go to" gun always ends up being a bog standard TM m4s, standard plastic body, untouched internals, in fact I don't even run a red dot etc on it, why bother, at airsoft engagement ranges standard back sights are fine.

the result is a gun that does what it's supposed to, & looks how it should, plus it's a nice weight for all day play.

Metal bodies are not all great, most are "pot metal", likely to fracture at stress points quite easily, & often do.

a buddy put together an m4 from bits, plastic body & magpul plastics, light as f¥ck but shot like a laser, awesome gun, lost count of the number of people that begged him to sell it to them at gamedays.

end of the day, I'm just saying, especially on your budget, don't get sucked in to the geardo hype on what you "need", what we all need is a rifle that's comfortable to use & that flings bb's in a straight line at what we aim at, anything else is just window dressing.



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Personally couldn't toss about "must be metal".....


£130 will buy a cyma cheapo to tweak or a Raider but not metal

So for the "must be metal...." - must be 2-tone, must be UK.....

only thing I can come up with is.....




£140 but try " RC10 "and might get 10% off taking it to £126 delivered

it is an old CQB AGM - often rebadged as JG or even A&K on some US sites


How great - well not entirely sure it is ultra high end

BUT upgrades - well if you really want to go nutz.....




Personally I still stick to a polymer G&G firehawk - but to each their own

you won't get much for £130 in the UK and think you would need to go a bit higher....





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A&K or Specna Arms or SRC. All 3 brands have aluminium body, not pot metal and good internals. SRC's low end guns are bad but the metal M4s are nice.

You need the same defence for buying in the UK or ordering from outside of it.

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And are we talking about getting a gun working really well internally, or just dressing it up in shiny bits?

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43 minutes ago, Hangtight said:

And are we talking about getting a gun working really well internally, or just dressing it up in shiny bits?


Metal M4 @ £130 is a struggle in itself

time you start adding shiny bits & internal tweaks - you could spend that again


this is a good offer - metal rebadged cyma:



but need defense & wotnot

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Thank you guys!!


I won't put such a high focus on the metal body point then. Amazing level of info from you guys. Taken it on board and appreciate the honesty. You've listed some makes that are good quality so I'll get them recorded down for looking at. 

Samurai! BIG thank you to you for giving me those details again. Really appreciate the help you've given me. I'm happy with the body being a decent polymer instead of metal. I own a SIG SP2022 which is their polymer handgun. Never had any issue with her. SIG and Glock do quality work with their pistols.

Hangtight - Yep, I went from a two-tone project to the one you see now. I will only be using her in my garden, no plans at all to use her outside, in public at a skirmish, both because of my health but also because of the law concerning RIFs. VERY happy that you made sure that I knew what I'd done concerning the law and using it outside of my home. Definitely a major influence what I can do with her. Happily I hadn't intended to engage in anything that would mean travelling with her. If for some unknown reason I had to have her looked at then I would strip her down into her parts and only take the specific part needing looking at, i.e, gear box, motor, upper receiver section with any barrel or internal parts. No way I'd ever sell her on. I just don't do that anyway. If I had to throw anything of her then I'd always seek advice on how to do it safety.

Tackle - Great advice. Thank you. I have changed a couple of things about what I'd be looking for in a future gun thanks to you all helping. DEFINATELY why I ask the people who'd know first before doing anything/starting anything.

Sitting Duck - Thank you to you also for your help and suggestions. They'e helped in looking at this in a different direction. Cheers.

Hangtight again - Working nicely for target shooting in my own garden/propery, no neighbours near and always with proper protection. Looks and feel nice too. Not a complete pup in either build quality or function. 


Thanks guys again. Will take on board all that you've spoken of.





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In which case, there are a few things you could do to your Cyma that will make it both more accurate and more satisfying to shoot. Plus the satisfaction of working on something and seeing and feeling the improvements. Doing internal mods has all the enjoyment of the acquisition of the right parts, the discipline of preparing the parts and assembling them correctly is it's own reward.

Given that your health is a factor in not being able to get to a skirmish and enjoy ownership and use, then perhaps being part of the community here and getting the best value from what you can afford in terms of working on what you have would be beneficial. Rather than simply assembling another 'kit' of parts learn what really makes an AEG tick, then take you Cyma and make it shoot like a gun you couldn't hope to afford.

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