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gas and TM pistols?

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need some advice iv read around and still not sure.. Green gas on a TM G18c and a Desert eagle ? would it be ok to use that and only that? or should i get a different type???

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I use standard green gas ALL my TM pistols all year round and have done for years, and have yet to break a slide.. I'm not going to tell you, that you will never break a slide because no one will no that, things break..


Here are just some of my gases, your even see a can off 144a but it's well over half full and I've had it over a year, I have only used it for when fixing guns for people and for testing out some old Western Arms guns, obviously I have tried it in all my TM but only once as the performance when using it is not great/rubbish.. 




Yep using standard and high powered green gas a pure propane will put more pressure on your slide and internals, but in the winter I would not recommend anything else, and like I say I use it all year round, of course if your shooting in extreme hot weather conditions you could then use the 144a or nuprol 1.0 and then not have to worry! About putting too much pressure on your gun and the gun will not perform as bad with that gas in very hot weather conditions. This is just my opinion though I always tell people get your TM buy both types of gas, and your soon pick the gas you want to use yourself :)


ATB Marc. 

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