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Quick Rifle Advice

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Hey guys, new fella here. 


Just seeking a little advice on purchasing a new aeg. I'm looking for an AK or M4 platform aeg to takeover from my P90. After having a snoop around I narrowed down two products in the £200 price range :








Now I they are both different platforms produced by two very different brands. But I wanted to know from players of more experience if there is a clear go to option in this case ? 

I was leaning towards the G&G for a while but problems and complaints regarding the electronic trigger,batteries and MOSFET is pulling me away. 






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Honestly either one will work fine. I'll always have a soft spot for the CM16. It's what got me into Airsoft after all but the CM 0401 does look pretty good with those rails on.. 


Just go with whatever platform you like best. They'll both perform well out of the box. 

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Cyma’s AK’s have always been good. It will feel nicer than the plastic combat machine. You will probably find that it shoots over the 350fps though, so it’s worth thinking about that. 

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