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Tristan Orr

SOCOM Gear Punisher .45

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Gun Name and maker: SOCOM Gear Punisher .45 1911


FPS: 300+

Hop up: No

Mag Capacity: 15

Battery: N/A Green Gas

Plastic/Metal/Both: Full metal, plastic hand grip


My opinion and overall comments: Ok so right from getting this gun out of its very nice and helpful plastic hard case, it makes your hair stand on ends. The gun just looks the part more then anything, a all block finish with a removable chrome tip <3, now that I like, only issue with the extension is fitting the gun into a holster. However the gun have some very nice trade such as "Custom Punisher .45" and "No mercy" on either side of the gun, along with .45 ACP along the cartridge ejection barrel. Compared to some over 1911 the SOCOM Punisher .45 has a realist weight about it, making you feel like you have a gun in your hand not just a toy...


The workings of the gun, well as a green gas re-chargable mag gun, I can say when I first charge the mag I was unsure as to when it was full, its so quite it very hard to tell. Top tip: 1: shack can before charging 2: Watch you finger incase of leaks (compressed gas is very cold) 3: Charge in bursts, hold the can on for 2-3seconds then realise and repeat. this about it for now :)

The side of the blow back is great, not to hard to break your wrist but not to flimsy to make you feel like your BB just dropped out the end and landed at your feet. To strip the gun it couldn't be easier, slide back the top until you are lined up with the small half circle grove on the left hand side of the gun, from the right hand side push trough the empty latch, this should push trough so you can pull it from the over side. Once the latch is removed you can push the top forward and completely remove it from the bottom half of the gun. To put it back together just do every in reverse couldn't be easier. (altho my english isn't that great).


Firing the gun, well like I said this gun give you a good kick back so you know you shot this BB. for a pistol the range it very good, as there is no hop that I can see the gun right out of the box doesn't need adjusting it pin point right out the box! Firing at about 300FPS on a cold day this gun could do 310-320 on a warm day easy.



Overall rating: I love this gun, for me the bling bling tip it just great, altho its hard to get a holster to fit in it. A free hard case what more do you want!

I've given this gun a 8/10 really the only thing bad on this gun it finding a holster for it. As of yet I haven't tried any other make of mags in this gun, so let me know it you have and what they are like :)





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