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What trigger is the asg aw308

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Hi guys I’m about to attempt to put a m150 spring into my asg aw308 rifle. But the only thing is is how long will it last. I have a upgraded piston and spring guide but would that do anything let me know your thoughts please 

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I have moved your post from General Discussion.  Not everything is General Discusion, if you have a look at the forum rules


• Post in the appropriate sub-forums
If you want to chat about the latest Airsoft releases, do it in "Latest News". If you are new to the forums and want to ask a question, it might be best in the "Advice & Technical Help" forum. If you want to sell something, the "Classifieds" forums are the place to announce it. Basically, have a look at all the categories and post where you think your topic will be best suited.

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