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Help with headset

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Hey guys when it comes to headsets I'm flumped and I honestly don't have a clue what I'm looking for or half the time hoe it bloody works :) Now the picture of the radio and throat mic is what I already bought a while back however it either the radio doesn't work correct or the mic cause it just doesn't run, but putting that to one side the advice I'm after is this, the picture of the headset is one I've spotted on eBay has anybody tried and tested these? And if do are they any good? Also guys can anybody give me a link to the part I would need to connect the lead off the headset to the radio cause that's where I'm really lost! I know some of you guys are thinking what a douche :) but reality is I can build a house no problem but working out something like this stumps me :) 


many thanks in advance and if you help me get up and running I shall put you on my xmas card list :)



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