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Classic Army ISSC MK22 Review

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Classic Army ISSC MK22 Review


I picked the MK22 up in black and after running it in game I thought I'd do a review.


So what do you get for £160?


Externally it looks like a SCAR

Ok, the front sight is attached to the rail rather than the barrel but that's a minor difference. 

It is made of a tough polymer and feels and looks really good quality. Although the top rail is polymer the two side and lower rails are metal and although this adds to the weight, it helps keep the rifle rigid. 

Talking of weight, the MK22 has a really nice heft to it.

It has a folding and retractable stock that clicks securely in place both open and closed so you could run it in a really short configuration.


The MK22 has nice metal pop up sights attached to the rail which are usable and easy to acquire or with a screw they can be removed no problems.


And as a bonus for me, it takes M4 magazines. 


Internally the MK22 has a lot to offer. 

It comes with an inline MOSFET Pre installed. 

It's wired to Deans but also has a Deans to mini tamiya connector.

It comes with a battery and charger.

It has a 6.03 tight bore barrel.

It has a metal Hop unit and drum type dial (like my Krytac LVOA)


All in all on a paper it looks really good.


So I decided to run it with my 7.4 Lipos. Works a treat but no chance of fitting them in the battery space. The stock looks big but has really limited space. So I went with the included battery. I have no idea what rating it is but it worked as well as the Lipos, and fitted in the stock battery compartment. Sort of. To say it's a struggle is an over statement, but fitting a battery needs to be planned. You have to remove a hex screw and then remove the rear 1/2 of the stock. Then you attach your battery and try your hardest to fit in the battery / wire / MOSFET  into the small space. Once fitted I had to keep the stock at its furthest setting. Bit of a pain. So PEQ style Lipos are my next purchase.


So, on Saturday I took it to Airsoft GB for a low ammo day. The games have ammo limits from 50 to 250 rounds depending on the mission, so Semi-Auto was the way forward. And, as we all know, this can be the downfall of a lot of AEGs. The MK22 chrono'd on .20s at 330 FPS.


Well how did the MK22 do?


Surprisingly well. So much so I used it most of the day and only brought the LVOA out near the end. 


I'm not going to say it could fire a certain distance as in game it's difficult to gauge distance and it was windy as feck! However, what I can say is that I never felt out ranged (although it can't match the Krytac for distance) and every time I pulled the trigger it worked. Quick, continuous semi was no problem. No problem at all.


As for mags and ammo, I was using .28s and it was hoping and feeding them no problem. As for mags I fed it some of my new Nuprol N Mags mid caps, ASG Low caps and some Beta P Mags. It was happy with them all.


Final thoughts?

Is it as good as my Krytac LVOA? No, of course not, but it cost half as much, came as a full package and performed really, really well. You could happily run this as your primary and not feel under powered.





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