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Okto Eight Milsim

Milsim - Operation Saragoza 24-25th Feb 2018 MAW

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NEW OKTO EIGHT SERIES STARTING FOR 2018 with initial game at MAW Melton Mowbray 24-25th Feb


£65 for weekend or £40 for day - Booking opens to public on Friday night.


Reports are coming in from the west’s capital cities concerning a worrying increase in the number of young people jumping from tall buildings to their deaths.

A few weeks later, a North Korean ship is detained in Panama and found to be carrying illicit weapons from Cuba. The customs officials also find samples of a new recreational drug.
Now, a combination of laboratory tests and multi-agency drug enforcement intelligence suggest that the substance discovered has the ability to be targeted at specific racial profiles, age groups and gender.

Not only that, but it is believed that one fix will be enough to irreversibly addict the user, turning them into living husks. An existence potentially so terrible, that they will leap from buildings just to release the drugs' grip on them.

The very fabric of society is threatened.


Location – Patagonia Winter 2017

"The Artist" grew up in the fly-blown country of Cortes in Patagonia, right at the Southern tip of the world.

He got his name from his penchant for carving images into his opponents faces with a Bowie knife.

Now he effectively runs Cortes while the elected President hides in his fortified hacienda counting his bribes and "The Artist" uses the country as a springboard to feed his ambition to develop the largest criminal empire even known.

His mobile drug factories are said by the criminal underworld to be some of the most advanced production cells in the world. His “X” cartel chemists specialise in developing the next great thing in the recreational drug arena. 

The authorities need to do something - Drug enforcement agencies, special forces, private military contractors - all need to stop “The Artist” and his private army, before it’s too late for mankind !!

A designer drug that can eliminate whole layers of mankind, leaving others unharmed – the ultimate steerable weapon.

Operation Saragoza is to be the first game in this exciting new series.


Forces and Missions

Special Forces (limited to 15 players) - must play for the whole weekend – 

Washington, Moscow and Europe are all concerned about the widespread growth of the drug. They are putting a team together to find the snake and cut off its head.


PMC (limited to 20 players) – The president’s army have all deserted him and run off to work for “The Artist”; he pays better and there are fringe benefits. The President uses his accumulated wealth to hire Private Military Contractors from the international security company Mercury. 

The PMC have torn allegiances; protect a corrupt leader, earn tax free hard currency and wrestle with personal morals – it’s a tightrope that is stretched across the bubbling cauldron which is Cortes.


X Cartel (limited to 20 players) – You earned next to nothing in the Cortes Army – now you have fast cars, gold teeth and as much Cortes Marching Powder as you can ingest. You rule Cortes. When you walk down the road with your assault rifle, the locals bow their heads with respect. “The Artist” is a criminal genius – you and your family will never worry about having a full stomach again. All you have to do is kill your master’s enemies.


Loadouts and Ruleset

Special Forces (Must play for whole weekend)

UCP Digital  
EMR/Digital Flora 
Polish Woodland 
M84 (Danish) 

Top and Bottom in matching camouflage – assault vests and chest rigs can be matching camo or solid green or tan – plate carriers ideal.
NATO weaponry such as M4, HK416/7, SCAR or G36 etc or modern Spetsnaz weaponry.
Headgear required - should be either helmet or boonies in matching camo.


Mercury PMC

Top and bottom in solid colours such as green/olive drab, grey, black or tan. 
Casual style – cargo or tactical trousers with fleece, T-shirt or soft-shell jacket – no jeans.  
Boots to be tactical – no trainers.
Headgear – baseball caps only – can be plain or camo as desired.
Plate carriers, chest rigs or assault vests.
Weapons can be eastern bloc or western, but think military or law enforcement – no gold AK’s.



Well, think South American drug enforcer – 
Big moustaches, floral shirts, panama hats, oversized and flashy weaponry. All we ask is that you don’t wear 100% camo (Trousers or tops only if you must wear camo), you don’t wear tactical helmets, boonies or baseball caps and you stick to chest rigs, shoulder holsters or assault vests (no plate carriers).
Eastern Bloc weaponry such as AK47 or M16’s, SMGs etc are good. Extra brownie points for revolvers and big handguns or Uzi’s.



A full ruleset will be sent to each player by e-mail once deposited but a simple overview with primary rules listed for game assessment is as follows:

Players must be 18 years of age or over - we may ask for proof.
Children aged 16 and over are allowed to play providing they are accompanied by a playing parent or legal guardian.

No Two Tone Weapons
Guns in auto mode are allowed, but must NOT be fired for more than a 2 second burst to prevent overkill.
Only Single Shot (semi-auto) should be used inside buildings or when firing in through doors or windows.

All weapons must fire within our standard limits (based on 0.2g ammo) which are:
<350 fps – All guns including hand carried support weapons
<370 fps – Fixed/mounted/deployed MGs
<420 fps – Single shot DMR (real world, not an M4 with a scope) 
<500 fps – single shot Bolt Action (Electric should have a mosfet delay fitted) 

Engagement range for qualified weapons over 350 fps is 30m.

Players are allowed to carry a maximum of 600 rounds loaded in magazines (low-caps and/or mid-caps only – no high-caps allowed) or a maximum of 1000 rounds loaded in a box magazine for an AEG support weapon. Box Magazines are only allowed if they are used on Support Weapons such as Minimi/M249/GPMG/M60 etc.

No more than 60 rounds should be loaded in each rifle magazine.

You may store additional ammo at your force HQ/Base or in hidden ammo caches, within the Battlefield Area. In the interests of immersion, these must be kept in ammunition tins, military Bergen’s, etc. – no supermarket carrier bags please. However, be warned that any ammo brought into the game in this way may be captured by other forces and used against you !!

Players may carry up to 3 Pistol magazines on their person.

Pyro’s must not be thrown at a live target and players shouldn’t touch any pyro not owned by them.
ANY heavy cased pyro’s must be under arm rolled or dropped ONLY!
BB Claymore and powder mines must not be set up to hit above 3ft from the ground.
No homemade Pyro’s are allowed.
Mark 5 Thunderflash or Reusable grenades using 9mm blanks only.

Electrically activated maroons are allowed, when detonated by radio or pressure plates. Trip wires are not allowed. Pyro should be no larger than Mk3 for this. Areas where they are activated should be clearly marked by minefield cautions or “Danger” tape on stakes surrounding the area.

All players will be issued with a single personal bandage.
If hit in the torso area and no one gets to you within 5 minutes, you will be considered bled out and Killed in Action (KIA). 
If another player (medic) arrives within the 5 minutes, they may use your personal bandage to patch you up and get you back in the game.
The bandage must be tied loosely round your neck and should only be removed once you are subsequently KIA and return to your REGEN point to be rejuvenated.
Any such medical attention must be carried out while the casualty is immobile. 
If you are hit in the arms or legs, you may play on but cannot use the injured limb. For example, if you are right handed and your right arm is hit, you will need to shoot with your left. If you are hit in the leg, you can no longer support your weight and must crawl to move. These injuries can be ”fixed” by the medic with your bandage or they can be “healed” at REGEN.

The bandage can only be used once, so its up to the player to make a tactical decision whether they want to use it to repair a limb or save it to heal them from an initial head/centre mass shot.

If your primary weapon is hit, you must switch to your secondary (pistol).
If that is hit, both your weapons are out of action and you can no longer fight with firearms. Knife kills are allowed or you can return to REGEN to “repair” your weapons.

Grenades and Claymores have an effective range of 5m and are considered an immediate KIA.
KILL RAGS will be supplied and used.

If either medic or casualty is hit whilst trying to get into cover, then you are both considered KIA and must return to your REGEN. 
Similarly, if either player is hit whilst medical attention is being administered, then you are both KIA.

Once at REGEN, you must wait for 15 minutes before you can re-join the action.

Use of radios is encouraged and radio nets will be maintained by the organiser. Players wishing to participate should bring a personal BaoFeng radio or similar.

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