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Augmented Reality helmet anyone?

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I expect that it will be a fair few years before there is a viable airsoft version, although the way china steals technology and reproduces it there could be cheap clone copy out soon.

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There's a paintball mask with a built in hud. But I don't know what features it has. Its the empire evs. 

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The EVS goggles alone cost just over £100, but with the complete HUD £500


Its a based on the Recon Snow 2 with some ‘Paintball specific’ software options 


On its own it uses GPS, digital compass, accelerometer etc to give your position on a map.  You can bluetooth link to a wrist strap controller and to an app on your phone (as long as it’s android, not iPhone when it was released but may or may not support that now)

You can use it as an MP3 player, and also view compatible Bluetooth action cameras


If you have other players using one, they grant you access to track them, and you have connectivity then you can track each other 


It can connect to a compatible gun & hopper and you can see a shot count, possibly a few of the gun settings 


There have been other HUD systems tried and even a similar project was using the same Snow2 HUD to produce an in goggle hud system










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