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What battery and charger? G&G cm16 carbine

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Hi all,


I've just purchased a g&g cm16 carbine and have noticed after that there is no battery included.

Being daft,  I'm now left with the task of finding the best battery and charger for the AEG but I have no experience of what works best.

I know only that zero one air soft recommend 8.4 mini. 

I have about 40 pounds to spend on them, 2 batteries and a charger if possible.

What works best for you,  any standout batteries?

Any advice much appreciated.




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I use an 8.4v 1600mAh by Zero One in my CM16. Its probably not the best, but at £15 I can't complain. 


As for chargers, a simple smart charger would work great. It'll stop charging your battery once it gets full so it won't damage it. 

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