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Left Over Pieces

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So my dad was working on his new G&G m15 Pro Line for the first time... Without my help.


He put it all together and was left with a tiny spring and a "rod"


He has no idea where they came from or what they do...


Anyone got any ideas?




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The spring seems to come out at about 25mm to 30mm in your picture

But how about a pic of the gun itself coz I can't place the G&G model

and not seen that other bit off the top of my head in a normal G&G M4


Is it a G&G blowback M4 thingy


Think you mean M14 gearbox....





perhaps spring goes here - or somewhere....




only guessing coz not stripped M14 but recognise the long thin spring from a SHS v7 spring set kit

Image result for shs v7 spring set

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Ive stripped a G&G M14 EBR rifle and the spring left over looks like the tappet plate spring.


This spring (if you have an M14) fits under the tappet plate and awkwardly. You sorta need four hands to put the G&G M14 gearbox back together.

As for the pin i have no idea BUT i think it might be the pin that holds the recoil gas rod/pipe connecting block under the barrel in place.

Heres a link to the G&G M14 (GR14) manual.

See page 18, look at GR14-28 or GR14-21 and look at part number 4


This video might help in putting your M14 back together, if indeed it is an M14


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G&G m15 ? so its a m4 based rifle ? as them parts look like the front pin indent pin and spring 

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