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I ordered another MODI JPC. Big fan of this plate carrier and the brand itself is one of the better Crye replicas in my opinion. 


Price was $62

Shipping was $22.05

I got a 5% discount simply by asking which gave me $3.10 off

Total was $80.05


I ordered it on the 15th September

It was dispatched on the 18th


It arrived on the 5th October but I had to pay an extra £13 on import fees.


All in all, good purchase. I'll vouch for this company. 



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Good to hear it, and roll on a free-trade agreement with USia. ;)


Out of interest, from someone who always sort by Price, Lowest, what is it about that plate carrier that makes it superior to any other similarly shaped piece of nylon?  Honest question, I have no grounds for comparison here.

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I've owned a couple different ones before this. One by Emerson and another that was just unbranded. Both in design are very similar but everything from the stitching to the materials such as the hyperlon shoulder straps to the colour of the multicam pattern is all much better on the MODI. 


I can't compare it to the actual Crye as I've never had the opportunity to wear one, however for the price I think the quality control on this replica is very good and worth spending a little bit extra for. 


edit: Even small details like the strap covers being in multicam rather than tan, and the breathable mesh-like fabric on the inside being black stays true to the real Crye JPC. It's not a huge deal to a lot of players but it's the little attention to detail that I like. 



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