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Shaun Haynes

Building a relocation cable

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I run my radio on my  the left have side of my plate carrier ( sort of my under my arm pit)  I prefer it being there instead of my back as I can get access to it.  Quick and easy and put it back quick and easy. 


 However the aerial is a bit of a pain in the back side. So o want to build a relocation cable  so I can rung the cord to ideally a whip  or the folding type aerial  on my back. However I'm not sure on how to make a relocation cable. I see a lot of people make them  but I can't find out any details on how they did it. 


 Plus  where can I get get my hand on  that type of areail. I don't want it to overly powerful and therefore  destroy my battery life.  I do have a simple uk radio licence   and I ran a uv5r with extended battery

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