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New from the Netherlands!

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Hi there,


My name is Michiel and i'm from the Netherlands. I decided to join this forum because there is a lot of content which is interesting to me.
I started playing airsoft about a year ago and it's really addicting (and expensive!). :D

My current loudout is a Polish based look with WZ.93 (Pantera / Polish Woodland) camo and a G&G FireHawk converted to hold 9mm mags.

My next goal is to purchase a Russian Digital Flora loadout, Western style with a Combat shirt and plate carrier.


My current list of guns is:

  • G&G FireHawk
  • King Arms M1A1 (real wood / full metal and full trademarks version)
  • TM 1911A1
  • WE Luger P-08
  • Well Webley Mk4


On my wishlist i have the AGM MP40Sten and the MG-42. To complete the Russian load out i want to buy an E&L AK74U

Also i want to have a TM USP Compact so i can switch using sidearms and because it looks really badass! ;)

My G&G FireHawk:


My sidearms:

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Welcome :).

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Hello Michiel, welcome to the forum, your like it here there is some very interesting reading and nice people. 

Good collection you have there too. :)

Happy Shooting. 

ATB Marc 

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