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G&G motor upgrade help

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Hi there 

I have a G&G GC16 Predator and was hoping to upgrade the motor but unsure to what? I'm running a 11.1v 20c

I think it has a 18000 motor, what can i put in there? 30000? 25000

I'm doing the upgrade to give it some more guts, not interested it rate of fire, just want a snappy trigger 


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Reckon you have an Orange Ifrit 25k motor in there....


Std grey 18k = $hit

Blue Powerful - not bad fitted to FireHawk, CM18 & some other mid range G&G's

Orange Ifrit - think it is fitted to Predator, Hog's & mid range ETU guns


This is only my guess - the only way to know for sure is to pop the motor plate in bottom of grip


You are running on 11.1v - even crap 18k will be shooting about 17 to 18rps

The Blue/Orange should be hitting 20rps+


Best thing is to fit deans on there - if you try to push it too much the crap ETU mosfet could blow

(mine did in the FFR2 but had a lame 18k in there which I was quite shocked to find)


Get the small tamiya swapped to deans - on battery cut ONE WIRE AT A TIME !!!!

LiPo shorts cutting both wires will require you to change your underwear


The ETU means you just tap the trigger and release & the gun will complete its cycle or 3 round burst

(can't get much more responsive than that at about 20rps)

Failing that if the ETU blows then you replace with another crappy ETU mosfet

or more work expense on something better - not worth the hassle unless it all busts imho

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You were right it's the orange Ifrit motor. just tested it with the 11.1v 20c and it is plenty so no need to change it.


deans it is then.


Thanks for your sound advice

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Yeah grey 18k is pants but the blue & orange ones are not bad for stock motors

not far behind a £30+ SHS HT motor tbh, I mean I would not pay for a G&G motor - no way !!!

But if either was in a stock G&G gun they are worth keeping imho

(or at least until they go tits up)


Think this test was on a 9.6v @ 10.6v freshly charged battery

go to about 4:22 for rof comparisons - not far behind SHS HT so saved £30...




Or this one is a comparison of motors on 7.4v

yeah grey G&G sucks but the other G&G's hold up well

go to about 2:48 for the list motors....




On 11.1v I think your gun will preform just fine, deans will give you a boost of about 10%

So likely a extra 1rps or nearly 2 rps could be squeezed on 11.1v setup I would think

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