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Cyma CM 518 - how to improve it?

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Recently purchased a cheap airsoft rifle in the form of a cyma 518 just for its looks, I was wondering what I could do to the gun to improve it? something like a new rail or a new receiver.. but I have no idea where to start or what parts are compatible... any help would be nice


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Best thing you can do - LEAVE IT

A nice cheapo gun but if you buy a new receiver and/or rail you sunk almost same money you bought gun for

You don't really sink money into cheapo starter guns - you use them for what they are

Any upgrades you do should really if/when the bits wear or break

Even then you need to decide carefully how far you go

Even basic tweaks & service should be done with caution in case you balls up a working cheapo gun

(been there done that)


leave it, use it, take it simply for what it is, save money for a better gun down the line perhaps

nowt wrong with it, but I advise anybody not to start sinking money into a cheapo cyma starter M4

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Well said Duck.


I've got a 'cheap' CYMA M4 CQB and it shoots great. Love it.

Just have fun with it as long as BBs come out the pointy end.


You could get accessories as they can be transferred.


If you want to tinker then look for a second hand (even broken) weapon and get into it.


A word of warning:

There is no end to the tinker hole.... ;)

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10 minutes ago, Sammcleanlaing said:

Thanks guys! Any idea what I should look for in the next step up?


Just buy more guns - you will never stop looking

A better M4 or something different eg: AK or G36 or a nice sidearm

(even then you will be checking out others like L85 M14 MP5/MP5k)

you will always be checking out others - bit like being married just don't get caught


TBH - if it shoots bb's out the end then it works

Many of us are not as good as we think we are

It isn't the gun but the player that wins the game

I've seen good players kick ar$e with cheapo stuff - even springer pistols just for giggles

(Or knife kills with odd looking melee weapons from Ann Summers etc...)

Sure a good gun helps - but so does good eyesight, skill & awareness etc.....


Don't be the high end HPA player that goes home lunch time coz they keep losing to kids with JBBG or hire guns

Have fun & try to upgrade your own skill - this is harder than it looks


When you break it down, we are just big kids running around with tarted up pea shooters

bit more to it than that on these toy guns, bit of engineering/physics/science stuff etc....

But if you got a half decent starter - which you have you should be fine for a while

Get out play loads, watch others, learn from them, chat to others what is good/sucks etc....


Welcome to the world of peew peew

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17 hours ago, Samurai said:

Clean the barrel, don't spray silicone in it ever, use good quality 0.28g BBs.


Dat.  Just cleaning the barrel on my CM.516 significantly improved the accuracy (I deliberately did the first day with it totally untouched to see the difference).  Get the hop dialled in accurately, and enjoy.  I'm genuinely surprised and pleased by how consistent my CYMA is.


Oh, optics.  A holographic sight made a big difference over the iron sights.  Sights, grips, lights and such will transfer, so you can go hog wild on them.

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