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Switched to propane, issues already

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Ok so I'm new to GBB but I understand the basic fundamentals of gas and temperature relations.


I bought my first GBB pistol not long ago and bought a can of nuprol green gas to get me plonking and used to my new pistol.


After using up my first can I immediately wanted to switch to propane for cost purposes.


So I bought the madbull propane mag fill adapter for 20 sheets, and a couple of propane tank adapters to fill the plumbers bottles (400g) which I have an empty one I kept for this purpose.


So I made sure that all the gas had been burnt off/ dispelled before putting it in the freezer for 30 mins. I have an old 4.7kg shell propane tank that I've had for years, I weighed it and it was almost full. Deducted the tare weight of the steel tank.

Took the chilled bottle out of the freezer, weighed it empty and screwed her onto the 4.7kg tank & adapter. Flipped her upside down and slowly opened the valve. A small hiss was heard and then stopped. Great! It's full.... Wrong, took the tank off and barley 0.5g went in according to the scales.


I tried both refill adapters and same result occurred.


So then I bought a fresh 400g propane bottle from screwfix to try out. Screwed on the madbull propane fill adapter, squirt a drop of silicone in the adapter as instructed and tried to fill a mag. Brand new mag btw.


I could only get one or two shots off at low velocity before all the gas vents and the top slide & mag freezes. The air temp was around 15°C at the time.


Please could someone give me some advice on the tank filling & mag filling issue as I don't really want to spend a fortune on green gas!


Sorry for the novel, jus trying to get as much info written as possible for you guys.


Pistol is a WE M9A1 for reference.


Thanks for reading!

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What your describing isn't a gas issue I don't think, if the mag is venting the gas surely the hammer is pressing the valve for too long and letting all the gas out?


Have you taken the gun apart and cleaned and lubricated the appropriate parts? 


Have you checked the valve on the mag?


My friend/team mate uses Propane for all his GBB and never has an issue, does it exactly the same way as you described.

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Hi Prisce,


The pistol is absolutely cleaned and lubed, no issues there, it was stripped down recently and silicone oiled, the mag is brand new as I said, and I tried 3 other brand new mags. It fires as it should when I use green gas.


Having a read on some other airsoft forums with the madbull fill adapter, some people commented that the valve isn't pushed in fully into the bottle when filling a mag. In my case this seems apparent in that there isn't enough pressure/ liquid being transferred into the mag.


But the plumbers gas bottle filling is really doing my head in as I can't even fill an empty bottle to begin with.

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