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Will a TM inner barrel fit a WE M9?

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My dad wants to get a tightbore barrel for his WE m9. I've found one for TM ( https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/guarder-602mm-tm-m9m92f-black-edition-pistol-inner-barrel-1059mm ) but i don't know whether or not TM inner barrels will work with WE.

If not can anyone recommend a barrel to get?


Thanks in advance. 

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WE M9 barrels are 114.4mm, the TM ones are normally 106mm.


I have the M92 & M9A1 WE pistols and I measured both barrels and they are identical.


I had this issue when I bought a TBB from fire support that was advertised to fit WE M9's but turned out to be 106mm. That was a PDI Raven barrel I think.


Let me know if you find a TBB that actually fits a WE M9, as I'm still on the hunt for one. 

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Thought I'd do a follow up on anyone that wishes to fit an aftermarket TBB to their WE-Tech M9A1 or M92


I bought a PdI Raven barrel for TM M9A1 which is advertised as 115mm total length, but actually more like 114.5mm when measured with calipers.


I installed it, along with a PdI W hold VSR bucking and when it was all put back together I saw that the PdI inner barrel was sitting further inside the outer barrel when looking down the bore about 2.75mm (measured with calipers).


Turns out the flat notches on either side of the PdI barrel is located farther forward than the stock WE barrel. So when it's clamped into to hop unit, it sits slightly shorter. Something to keep in mind about. Even though a barrel is advertised as the same or slightly longer than you stock doesn't mean it'll fit well, it's determined by the overall length AND the location of the notches for the hop unit clamp.


Anyway, so the PdI barrel has a grove around the circumference about 3/4 down the barrel and I thought that if I install the correct size O-ring onto the grove, it may work...


Take a look at the below images. There is ever so slight wobble from the inner to outer barrel, less than 0.3mm going by my feel of gear shimming experience, the entire outer barrel wobbles a heck more in comparison, but it's the closest O-ring size I could get to to fit snugly but so that the inner barrel slides perfectly inside the outer barrel. It's a 6.0×2.5mm O-ring.


It functions as it should. I fired a few mags and inspected the wear on the end of the PdI inner barrel and there is ever so slight chafing. So I lubed both the O-ring generously and a wee bit on the end of the PdI barrel (being careful not to get inside it) and it works great.


Only test fired it in the dark, approx 20m against a 28cm frying pan and I could hear it pinging on target every time, much much better than the stock WE barrel, that could probably hit it 25-30% of the time. (0.20g)


Hope this post helps anyone.


I will do some more accuracy and durability testing in the daylight with heavier weight BB's and report back.







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Photos moved






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